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Anu Manchikanti Gomez

Assistant Professor

ANU MANCHIKANTI GOMEZ ​is assistant professor at the School of Social Welfare. Her current research focuses on using a reproductive justice lens to examine multilevel influences on young women of color's contraceptive decision-making. A health equity researcher who works at the nexus of the reproductive health, rights and justice frameworks, Dr. Gómez has spent the past decade working on a range of research projects in both US and international settings, with a focus on sexual and reproductive health, HIV prevention, gender equity, violence against women and transgender health.





  • Sexual and Reproductive Health 
  • HIV Prevention
  • Gender Equity
  • Violence against Women
  • Transgender Health
  • Health Equity
  • Social Determinants of Health

Current Projects

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Expanded Publications

Refereed Articles

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Book Contributions 

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