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Alumni In Action

Laura Abrams (MSW '92, PhD '00) takes an intimate look at the juvenile corrections system in her book Compasionate Confinement

Ronald Maloney (MSW '80) explores his journey from a North Carolina orphanage to a social work career in Powerhouse Road

Alice Hines (MSW '86, PhD '93) on expanding social work education in Vietnam

Social Welfare Alumni Association's 2012 Alumna of the Year: Alice Jordan (MSW '79)

Cathy Lapid (MSW '08) on serving with compassion throughout the journey

Javier de Paz (BA '12) on understanding the access needs of English-language learners

Title IV-E alumni Aaron Cadore (MSW '12) explores the intersections of social work

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (MSW ’75) on fighting the good fight

Social Welfare Alumni Association's 2011 Alumni of the Year: David Kears (MSW '70)

Herman Gallegos (MSW '58) on engaging the levers and resources of power 

Cecilia Espinola (MSW '83) on challenging social Injustice through advocacy and community coalitions

Judge James Mize (MSW '71)  delivers social work from the bench

Anne Wilson's (MSW '79) broad outlook on social work training and service delivery

Mu Sochua (MSW ’81): Advocating for human rights in Cambodia 

James Orlando (MSW '11) on holding the values and ethics of social work with an international perspective 

Christopher Cassels (MSW ’94) on making connections and serving the disenfranchised through Child Welfare Services

Arabella Martinez (MSW '66) on organizing communities and teaching how to lead

Ron Dellums (MSW '62) on political engagement and becoming the "black Sigmund Freud"

Xiulan Zhang (PhD '99) focuses on social services policy in China

Tracy Schrider (MSW '89) on carrying compassion from Berkeley Social Welfare into health social work

Niels Tangherlini (BA '99) works to improve homeless outreach in San Francisco

Annette Oropeza (MSW '87) on helping public-school children and their parents succeed

Amy Conley Wright (MSW '04, PhD '08) on growing a social work program in Australia

Exploring "Vibrant Aging:" Julie Miller (MSW '12)

 Eve Ekman (MSW '06, PhD '14): Cultivating Emotional Balance for Social Workers and Helping Professionals