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Videoconference Tool - Zoom

With Zoom (which replaces both BlueJeans, our previous videoconference solution and ReadyTalk), all parties can easily connect to the same video meeting using their platform of choice (computers, mobile devices or regular phones).

Zoom Account Levels

Zoom accounts have different levels of service. Check out these details to find which one do you need:

Zoom Basic

Zoom Pro

Available to all individual users using their CalNet IDs

Available to all individual users, SPAs and departmental accounts

Price: free

Price: $2.85/month

Group meeting time limit: 40 minutes (one-to-one meetings have no time limit)

Group meeting time limit: unlimited

Participant limit: 100 users (including hosts and presenters)

Participant limit: 100 users (including hosts and presenters)


Order a Pro account from the Telecom Team using the Request a Zoom Account option on the right sidebar on

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in?

User accounts should log in here: to schedule and manage their meetings.

Departmental accounts should log in here: (if you don’t have a password yet, use the Forgot Password link to create one).

Regular participants don’t need to log in or have a Zoom account, they just need to use the link or meeting information provided by the host.

Do I need to install anything to use Zoom?

Yes, all participants do need to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app before joining their first meeting. The app for PC/Mac or mobile devices can be downloaded from here:

How do I request a Pro account?

You can upgrade your Basic Zoom account to a Pro from the Telecom Team.

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Request a Zoom Account on the right sidebar and fill out the request form (you’ll need to provide a chart-string for Zoom charges)

What Add-ons are available?

If you need more than what the Basic and Pro level accounts provide, you can pay to add other features. Keep in mind add-ons can only be applied to Pro accounts. Here are some add-on examples:

Increase meeting limit to 200 attendees:

Increase meeting limit to 300 attendees:

Webinar for up to 100 attendees:

Webinar for up to 500 attendees:

Find all available add-ons here.

Order any add-on to an existing Zoom account using the Change an Existing Voice Service form from the Telecom Catalog.

How much do phone calls cost?

There is no cost for all connections using internet-connected devices (computers, and mobile devices using Wi-Fi connections).

When using regular phone calls, charges do apply depending on the country and kind of connection. Check below to find prices for regular phone calls:

Telephone Coverage and Rates

How can I make free international calls with Zoom?

Whether it’s a one-to-one call or a conference call with multiple people, you can use Zoom to talk internationally at no cost. No Zoom account is needed for the remote participants and they can use any internet-connected device. The only information needed to establish a call is your Personal Meeting ID.

To find your Personal Meeting ID, login to your using your CalNet ID and click on Profile on the left sidebar.



How do I add a Co-Host to my meeting?

The Co-Host feature will allow you to assign another user in the meeting hosting privileges. This can be useful to allow another user to manage the administrative side of the meeting, such as muting participants or starting/stopping the recording.

Check this page to learn all about Co-Hosts.

What's changed between BlueJeans and Zoom?

If you’ve previously used BlueJeans, you’ll notice some UI changes but all the basics still apply and the transition will be really simple.

What's changed between ReadyTalk and Zoom?

If you’ve previously used ReadyTalk, rest assured Zoom will be as simple to use. You can get started with your Personal Audio conference.

How does Zoom compare to other Campus-provided video conference solutions?

Check this comparison table for videoconference options offered at UC Berkeley.

Other Zoom Resources