Carrie Cangelosi

Carrie CangelosiCommunity lecturer Carrie Cangelosi, LCSW, has worked in public sector health care settings including Lifelong Medical and SF General Hospital.

Julian Chun-Chung Chow

Julian ChowHutto-Patterson Charitable Foundation Professor Julian Chow studies community practice and service delivery in urban poverty and ethnic and immigrant neighborhoods; program planning and development; and cultural competency services.

Wendy Wiegmann

Wendy WeigmannCalifornia Child Welfare Indicators Project Director Wendy Wiegmann's interests include child welfare and juvenile dependency courts, children with siblings in foster care, and substance abuse among parents involved with the child welfare system.

Jeanette Lopez-Urbina

Jeanette Lopez-UrbinaCommunity lecturer Jeanette Lopez-Urbina (MSW, LCSW) has worked extensively with youth and families, especially in the area of trauma.

Bari Cornet

Bari Cornet is field education consultant and lecturer emerita at the School of Social Welfare.

Jewelle Taylor Gibbs

Jewelle Taylor Gibbs is professor emerita at the School of Social Welfare as well as a clinical psychologist and noted writer. She is also the first African American professor appointed to an endowed chair in the University of California.

Luna Calderon

Luna CalderonLecturer Luna Calderon is committed to bringing wellness and recovery tools to people of color and the LGBTQQ communities.

Greg Merrill

Greg MerrillGreg Merrill is the director of field education. Among his research interests are motivational interviewing; trauma; intimate partner violence/domestic violence; anxiety disorders; and behavioral health

Steven P. Segal

Steven segalProfessor of the Graduate School Steven P. Segal's research interests include mental health and social policy, research methods, adult residential care, self-help mental health services, violence and mental illness.

Adrian Aguilera

Adrian AguileraAssociate Professor Adrian Aguilera’s research uses digital & mobile technologies to improve health & mental healthcare of low-income & ethnic minority populations, with a focus on Latino & Spanish-speaking populations.