Alumni in Action: Christopher Cassels (MSW '94)

Christopher Cassels (MSW ’94) on making connections and serving the disenfranchised through Child Welfare Services

Christopher Cassels uses a surfing analogy to describe working in the child welfare system.

“You have to have some talent to get out there in the waves,” says Cassels, who is the social services supervisor of Child Welfare Services for Solano County. “But there is also a spot on the wave where you can harness the power and not get clobbered. It is the same in child welfare work. You need to be adept, but you also need to position yourself to be effective.”

Alumni in Action: Xiulan Zhang (PhD '99)

Xiulan Zhang (PhD '99) focuses on social services policy in China

Xiulan Zhang

Alumni in Action: Arabella Martinez (MSW '66)

Arabella Martinez (MSW '66) on organizing communities and teaching how to lead

Arabella Martinez

Arabella Martinez is perhaps best known as the woman who made the Fruitvale Village possible. But her service to the community stretched over forty years, and resulted in far more than a pedestrian plaza.

Alumni in Action: David Kears (MSW '70)

David KearsDavid Kears (MSW ’70), who has been serving as the Special Assistant to the County Administrator for Alameda County since his official retirement from the government office in 2009, compares the healthcare system to the old Johnny Cash song, “One Piece at a Time.” 

Alumni in Action: Fernando Cheung (PhD '91)

Fernando CheungFrom Immigrants' Rights in Oakland to Pro-Democratic Protests in Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution, Fernando Cheung (PhD '91) Champions Justice

Begonia Herbert-Ramirez: Finding a Home in Haviland Hall

May 24, 2019

Begonia Herbert RamirezThe journey to success is rarely a smooth and linear path. For UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare undergraduate Begonia Herbert-Ramirez, the path to becoming a University Medal nominee with a 4.0 GPA was particularly trying. Through the ups and downs, however, were two things that kept her going.