Alumni in Action: Ron Dellums (MSW '62)

Ron Dellums (MSW '62) on political engagement and becoming the "black Sigmund Freud"

Ron Dellums

Aaron Cadore (MSW '12)

Aaron CadoreFor Aaron Cadore (MSW ’12), making an impact in the social-work field doesn’t necessarily mean following a single, pre-determined path. His interests in the profession lie precisely at the intersections of direct practice and administration, as well as the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

Alumni in Action: Eve Ekman (MSW '06, PhD '14)

Eve Ekman (MSW '06, PhD '14): Cultivating Emotional Balance for Social Workers and Helping Professionals

Alumni in Action: Ronald Maloney (MSW '80)

Ronald Maloney (MSW '80) explores his journey from a North Carolina orphanage to a social work career in Powerhouse Road

Ronald MaloneySince he was seven years old, Ronald D. Maloney (MSW ’80) has been aware of social services and the role of social workers.

Javier de Paz (BA '12)

Javier de Paz (BA '12) on understanding the access needs of English-language learners

Alumni in Action: Mu Sochua (MSW '81)

Mu Sochua (MSW '81) on advocating for human rights in Cambodia

Mu SochuaMu Sochua (MSW '81) came to Berkeley Social Welfare in 1981 wanting to make a difference. Three decades later, that difference is a tangible set of accomplishments that run the gamut from social worker to political powerhouse.

Alumni in Action: Julie Miller (MSW '12)

Julie Miller (MSW '12) explores fulfilling and meaningful aging in documentary film

Alumni in Action: Xiulan Zhang (PhD '99)

Xiulan Zhang (PhD '99) focuses on social services policy in China

Xiulan Zhang

Alumni in Action: Arabella Martinez (MSW '66)

Arabella Martinez (MSW '66) on organizing communities and teaching how to lead

Arabella Martinez

Arabella Martinez is perhaps best known as the woman who made the Fruitvale Village possible. But her service to the community stretched over forty years, and resulted in far more than a pedestrian plaza.

Alumni in Action: Annette Oropeza (MSW '87)

Annette Oropeza (MSW '87) on helping public-school children and their parents succeed

Annette Oropeza

"Ms. Oropeza!"