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April 27, 2020

Mental Health in the Latinx Community Amid COVID-19

This webinar aims to equip community-based organizations with key information about COVID-19's impact on Latinx communities, to begin a dialogue about the challenges faced by behavioral health providers and the resources they are utilizing to support their clients.
Hosted by the California Consortium of Latinx Centers of Excellence in partnership with La Clinica de la Raza, Casa del Sol.
Presentation Materials: PowerPoint Slides

UC Berkeley Latinx Center of Excellence Mental Health in the Latinx Community Amid COVID-19

Video: El Ser Biopsicosocial y espiritual

Description: The primary focus of this video is to help individuals understand this model of approach and assessment to introduce the therapeutic process throughout social work practice and connect to each element of our biopsychosocial and spiritual selves. (Closed Captioning in English)

Descripción: El objetivo principal de este video es ayudar a las personas a comprender este modelo de enforque y evaluación para presentar el proceso terapéutico a lo largo de práctica del trabajo social y conectarse con cada elemento de nuestro ser biopsicosocial y espiritual. (Subtítulos en inglés).

El ser biopsicosocial y espiritual