Support and Services

Writing and Research Support

Writing and Research Support is offered to undergraduate and graduate students through the LCOE. Please make sure to complete this google form to schedule a  meeting with Caroline Figueroa, Ph.D., for support with sharpening your writing, statistics, and research skills.

Mentoring Program

Are you considering an MSW?  Interested in having an MSW student as a mentor this academic year?

Our Mentoring Program pairs undergraduate students interested in learning more about social work, with current MSW students.  As a mentee, you'll have an opportunity to connect with a Latinx graduate student who can share their experience and perspective and can provide support and encouragement for reaching your academic goals.  Our mentoring program is part of a larger effort to recruit Latinx undergraduate students to Berkeley Social Welfare's MSW and Ph.D. program, with special attention to students interested in community behavioral health.


How are mentors and mentees matched?

The LCOE coordinates matches based on the information provided on the applications.

How long is the mentoring commitment?

The commitment is for one academic year.

What are the expectations for mentors?

Mentors are expected to attend mentor/ mentee gatherings, meet with their mentee once a month to provide career advice, academic guidance, and general support, and share their experiences in the social work field.

What are the expectations for mentees?

Attend mentor/ mentee gatherings, reach out to their mentors to coordinate meeting times, and share what they would like to take away from the mentoring program.

Program Participation Requirements 

- Be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley
- Demonstrate interest in graduate school and the social work practice
- Connect with mentor at least once per month (phone/video call or email communication) for the entire academic year (September '20- May '21)
- Attend periodic program meetings including orientation, graduate school workshops (2-3 per semester), and community building activities
- Complete pre- and post- service surveys in a timely manner

A paid summer internship in Behavioral Health with one of our partners might be available for eligible Juniors. All mentees who meet the eligibility criteria will be required to submit an application. More details will be forthcoming. 

*All program meetings and check ins will take place virtually until further notice. 

Social Work with Latinos Certificate 

The Social Work with Latinos Certificate (SWLC) Program offers a learning environment and professional network to enhance the skills of social work graduate students in culturally competent practices that improve the lives of Latinx individuals, families, and communities.

While the demand for culturally and linguistically competent MSWs continues to grow, California’s public mental health systems simultaneously struggle with barriers that limit access to care, including a shortage of qualified mental health professionals able to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services. This shortage of culturally competent providers correlates to significant underutilization of mental health services, leading in turn to inadequate care and overall poorer mental health outcomes, particularly for populations already impacted by increasing health disparities.

UC Berkeley’s School of Social Welfare is committed to addressing this unmet need by creating a dedicated program of study in our MSW program, leading to eligibility for the Social Work with Latinos Certificate issued by Berkeley Social Welfare.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Social Work with Latinos Certificate, candidates:

1. Must be registered and enrolled in a graduate degree program at UC Berkeley.

2. Must be in good academic standing (e.g., GPA of 3.0 or better).

3. Must demonstrate Spanish language proficiency at an intermediate level or above.

4. Must submit a brief statement describing their interest and experience in Latino social work, and their goals for gaining the certificate.

Requirements to Earn the Certificate

To be awarded the Social Work with Latinos Certificate, candidates must successfully complete all of the following requirements:

1) The Anchor Course: SOC WEL 250J - Social Work with Latino Populations (2 units).

2) Two additional elective courses totaling a minimum of 4 units and chosen from an approved list

3) Direct Practice Experience: A minimum of 120 hours of direct practice in an agency serving predominantly Spanish-speaking Latinx clients. A field placement required for the MSW degree may also fulfill this requirement.

Application Process

Applications to the Social Work with Latinos Certificate Program are accepted from currently enrolled graduate students continuously throughout the academic year.

The Application and Academic Plan Form for the 2020-2021 academic year is coming soon! Please note that a faculty adviser will have to certify that you have satisfied the Spanish language proficient requirement at a level of intermediate or above.

Student Financial Support

The LCOE offers two Stipend Programs to support Latinx students’ education and training in social work practice with Latinx communities. In addition, MSW and PhD students conducting or presenting their research related to the behavioral health care needs of Latinx communities can apply for the LCOE Academic and Professional Development Awards.

LCOE Stipend-Based Training Program

The LCOE awards $10,000 stipends to eligible first-year &  second-year MSW students in support of their field education in a Latinx-serving organization.  

Students applying for admission to the MSW Program for Fall 2020 who want to be considered for an LCOE stipend must upload a PDF of your LCOE application.   Click here for details and instructions.   

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for the LCOE Stipend-based Training Program, the student must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Identify as Latinx/a/o or Hispanic

  • Be able to present proof of U.S. citizenship or status as a U.S. national

  • Be accepted to an approved LCOE placement in a Latinx-focused agency (applies to second-year students only)

Recipient Requirements

  • Maintain satisfactory academic standing and performance and complete all University-designated graduation requirements for the MSW degree within University specified time frames
  • Complete their second-year field placement in a Latinx-focused agency
  • Participate in up to 6 hours per month of LCOE-related community service, including mentoring an undergraduate student, participating in panels, and other outreach efforts
  • Participate in MSW/Alumni Mentoring Program (required for first-year MSW students; optional for second-year MSW students)
  • Enroll in SOC WEL 298: Latinx Leadership Seminar (spring semester)
  • Participate in periodic program meetings with other stipend recipients and LCOE faculty/staff
  • Complete pre- and post-tests and evaluation requirements
  • Remain in contact and provide employment information after graduation
  • Comply with all standard university fellowship rules, regulations, eligibility requirements and terms of the award

Professional Development 

Funding for student-initiated faculty-mentored research grants and for students presenting their research findings at conferences and other venues is available through the LCOE. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Students may request one award per year.  

Apply for an award

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