Sin Fronteras

Sin Fronteras/Intercambio Oaxaca

The Sin Fronteras - Oaxaca Summer Program is a comprehensive and integrated learning program conducted in Oaxaca, Mexico as a service learning course, SOC WEL 272: Health and Human Services in Mexico. The course is intended for Social Work students interested in deepening their understanding of effective and culturally responsive international social work practice. The program is open to all Berkeley 

Social Welfare graduate students, students from other graduate MSW programs, and other behavioral health professionals. Applicants must speak Spanish at an advanced-beginner level to be considered.

While in Oaxaca, the students will:

  • Work with NGOs to find effective interventions to the many national and local social, economic and political problems, such as forced migration

  • Learn from local community experts regarding indigenous practices, methods, beliefs, and stories that relate to health and well-being

  • Refine Spanish language skills by taking an intensive language course

  • Gain a transnational perspective that will shape their approach to providing services to Latinx communities in the US

Sin Fronteras LCOE Stipend Program

The Sin Fronteras LCOE stipend is intended to support Latinx students' training in culturally responsive social work practice with Latinx communities via cultural immersion programs (ie, Sin Fronteras). Each year, the LCOE awards 10 $5,000 stipends to students participating in the Sin Fronteras Program. Applications for the Sin Fronteras Program and the Sin Fronteras LCOE Stipend are made available in December. Awards are announced in January