Solis Family Fellowship

The Solis Family Fellowship was established in 1993 in honor of the productive and inspirational life of Joseph H. Solis, Fieldwork Consultant Emeritus at the School of Social Welfare for more than 20 years, who passed away April 15, 2010.

Joseph Solis received his MSW degree from Berkeley Social Welfare in 1953. At Berkeley, Solis taught and developed field internships at the School of Social Welfare. He recruited and guided over 200 Latino students to graduate with MSW degrees. He co-developed and was project director of the Latino Child Mental Health Program. He conceptualized and developed the Intercambio Program between UC Berkeley and the Universidad de Guadalajara, allowing students to travel to Mexico and learn firsthand the factors that impact migrant families. Joe was also instrumental in creating La Familia Counseling Service and La Clinica de la Raza.

The Solis Family Fellowship supports Social Welfare graduate students who are preparing for careers to serve Raza (Latino) people and communities. The primary criteria for selection are 1) clear evidence of strong career goals to serve Raza; and 2) sufficient Spanish language fluency and knowledge of culture to perform graduate field work serving Raza.