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About the Library

The Social Research Library is one of the many subject-speciality libraries in the UC Berkeley library system. It was founded in 1957 as a collection within the Social Sciences Library to support the developing social work program at Berkeley. It moved to Haviland Hall in 1963 and took up its present quarters in the renovated reading room in 1986.

From its origins as a reserve reading collection, the Library has grown into a research collection that today provides vital support for the School's faculty and related research centers. It also provides a foundation for the School's thriving doctoral program and serves as an academic home base for the students in the Masters' program.

In addition to the academic population, the Library also serve social workers, human service professionals and the general public from throughout the Bay Area.

The Library is an open-stack collection and all are welcome to browse, use the computer resources, seek assistance or simply sit and enjoy the peace and sunlight in our beautiful reading room.

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