The Center has been established to undertake transformative, innovative research in the areas of health and social welfare, especially for vulnerable populations. The long-term vision for the Center is to pursue a range of topics from basic to applied research, and to translate research into policy and practice. The Center is envisioned as a big data research hub for world-class University of California and Chinese researchers, and eventually engaging academic researchers from around the globe.

The initial focus of the GBIC research team is to:

  • Conduct an environmental scan of available data sets in Guizhou Province and from comparable government sources;
  • Assemble innovative scientific methods and instruments to address service needs and use;
  • Create a road map for data analytic research that can have international impact; and
  • Develop a state-of-the-art platform for Chinese, US, and international researchers and industry to conduct big data research.
  • Enhancing Social Care of Older Adults
  • Improving Educational Performance and Well-Being among School-Age Children