Socorro Reynoso, MSW'10


Socorro ‘Soco’ Reynoso, LCSW is the proud daughter of her Black mother from Mississippi and her Mexican father from Los Angeles. She is a licensed clinical social worker and the owner of Soco Rey Therapy. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a Masters in Social Welfare and Claremont McKenna College with a Bachelors in Psychology. She has been a social worker for 11 years and a therapist for eight.

While working in social services and in group homes, Soco learned that the people who were in need of the most help and who looked like her weren’t receptive to services and she knew why — the services didn’t fit them. She launched her private practice in 2018 and intentionally marketed therapy in a new and refreshing way; in a way she knew would make it more approachable. In less than two short years, her business has quadrupled and she now has six additional therapists on board.

Her passion and niche is guiding Black and Brown people into realizing their power.  Mental health issues are simply a result of us not knowing who and what we are.  Anxiety and depression won’t really stand a chance when we do.  She firmly believes that it is when WE realize our magic & power and walk in it that this world will finally get right.  She believes we are the cure.