Sergio Serna


Sergio Serna is a field consultant specializing in working with students who are pursuing careers in public child welfare in Berkeley's CalSWEC Title IV-E program. Mr. Serna is a licensed clinical social worker whose other interests include forensic social work, public child welfare and technology. Most recently he has worked in the technology space implementing software solutions in child welfare agencies.

Previously, Mr. Serna worked as a field consultant for 5 years at UCLA in their Social Welfare Master's program. As a field consultant with the California Social Work Education Center program, a statewide program that trains social workers to become professional public child welfare workers, he helped train first and second-year students placed in the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

Mr. Serna has provided support and mitigation services to youth engaged by the juvenile justice system in order to help them navigate probation, detention and reentry. Mr. Serna has also provided individual, family and group therapeutic services to children and families in Koreatown and surrounding areas of Los Angeles.

As an award recipient of the Title IV-E program in California, after receiving his master's degree he worked in the public child welfare system in both Orange and San Diego Counties to fulfill his commitment to addressing the needs of children exposed to abuse and neglect.