Patrick Mulkern


Lecturer Patrick Mulkern has worked as a School Social Worker in San Francisco Unified School District since graduating with an MSW and PPSC from UC Berkeley in 2016. He currently coordinates the Wellness Center at Phillip & Sala Burton Academic High School, where he implements individual, group, and school-wide interventions while collaborating with students and families to create a more equitable educational environment. He has a passion for supporting students both in the K-12 and university environments and learns so much from his work supervising, training, and mentoring graduate student interns. In addition to school social work, Patrick's interests include working with LGBTQ+ youth, healing-centered and anti-oppressive social work, and narrative practices. Patrick also serves as the Vice President of the California Association of School Social Workers and is a board member of the Randy Fisher Legacy Endowment of the School Social Work Association of America.

Courses Taught:
Social Work Practice in School Settings (SW250T)
Social Work and Education Policy (SW232)
Human Sexuality (SW250L)


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