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The Minna B. Crook Fellowship

About the Crook Fellowship

The Minna B. Crook Fellowship was established in 1986 in memory of Minna B. Crook by her sons, Peter and Christopher Crook. The Crook Fellowship supports MSW students who plan on pursuing careers in public service. The annual award amount is currently $4,500.

Minna B. Crook, born in Berkeley in 1919, was a life-long resident of the East bay and a graduate of UC Berkeley. Her entire working life was spent in public service as a social worker. She firmly believed in the importance of maintaining social welfare as a profession. In the later years of her life, she became concerned that society was becoming less concerned and less willing to devote its resources, time and energy to helping those in need. This fellowship was established to assist, in some small measure, those committed to devoting their time and energy to a career in public service.

Crook Fellows

Kristy Shanks

Rachel Schwartz

Claire Battis
Lauren Liu

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