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Health Services

Direct Practice in Health Services
Preparing for leadership to address health disparities associated with poverty and cultural/ethnic differences

The MSW Concentration in Health
Health students are prepared for leadership and practice in health care systems and/or with populations at risk for serious health problems including the elderly, women, children, men, the developmentally disabled, people of color, people of various sexual/gender orientations, and persons with acute and chronic health conditions.Specialized training provides state-of-the-art knowledge for effective multilevel practice with populations at risk for serious health problems

Health students are educated and trained in assessment, counseling, group work, and discharge planning; clinical case management; and understanding and addressing needs of broad target populations.

Typical Field Placements in Health
Health promotion and health care settings including prevention programs; public health and community health agencies; hospitals and clinics; and non-profit and for-profit health agencies

Health Concentration Co-Chairs
Anu Manchikanti Gomez, PhD
Greg Merrill, LCSW


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