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Center for Prevention Research in Social Welfare: Patricia Logan-Greene

Faculty Affiliates

Dr. Patricia Logan-Greene

Patricia Logan-Greene, PhD
Assistant Professor of Social Work, University of Buffalo

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Patricia Logan-Greene's research is centrally focused on the intersections of traumatic experiences and social disadvantage in the etiology of violent and delinquent behavior among adolescents and young adults. She is particularly interested in the intergenerational transmission of risk through such experiences as child maltreatment, negative parenting practices, parental mental health, and instability of the home environment via child welfare interventions and/or parental imprisonment. Her theoretical orientation forefronts stress and traumatic experiences; within this framework, social disadvantage is fundamental to the impact of adverse experiences, as cumulative stress may perpetuate a cycle of cascading risk throughout development.

It is well established that familial factors, including young or single parenting, harsh or inconsistent discipline, and parents who themselves are dealing with substance use, economic or legal difficulties, and/or mental health problems, are risk factors for delinquency and other problem behaviors. Understanding early processes of risk, including family relationships in the face of structural adversities, provides insights into developing and improving targeted prevention programming for those most vulnerable.

Current projects include a collaboration with a juvenile court to examine heterogeneity of adverse childhood experiences and their consequences for juvenile justice.