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Mack Center on Mental Health & Social Conflict: Center Expertise

Center Expertise

Mack Center on Mental Health and Social Conflict has expertise in two main domains: Service delivery and research. Based on rich experiences in mental health services and capacity building, the Center is devoted to development, implementation, analysis and evaluation of evidence-based mental health research. Detailed areas of expertise are below:

Service Delivery Expertise

- Successful collaborations with including NGOs and government agencies

- Provision of consultation and technical assistance to mental health service agencies

- Self-help organization expertise

- Mental health & psychosocial service delivery expertise

- Capacity-building and evaluation of local, national, and international organizations in complex emergencies

- Consultation on evidence-based policy and service interventions in conflict and post-conflict settings

Research Expertise

- Implementation of evidence-based evaluative and intervention research in international settings

- Needs assessment among vulnerable populations globally

- Quantitative assessments using large data sets

- Qualitative research with hard-to-reach groups in post-conflict settings

- Mixed methods design of assessment and intervention

- Scale development, adaptation, and validation

- Longitudinal intervention research with both clinical trial and survey formats

- U.S. federal and private grant acquisition, management, and implementation

- Mental health and social policy analyses and recommendations

- Integration of social work values and social development perspective with mental health research


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