Niveen Rizkalla

Niveen RizkallaNIVEEN RIZKALLA is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Mack Center for Mental Health and Social Conflict.

Prior to her arrival at Berkeley, Dr. Rizkalla served as the volunteer coordinator at the Haifa Rape Crisis Center and the director of the Haifa Ministry of Health's Mobile Clinic, where she treated women, men and LGBTQ individuals in prostitution; trained professionals and volunteers on sexual violence; and frequently presented at conferences and gave guest lectures.

Her research interests focus on trauma – PTSD, complex PTSD, vicarious traumatization, secondary traumatic stress, posttraumatic growth and victims of torture and war in addition to women, gender-based violence (e.g., sexual violence and prostitution). She also is working on the traumatic experiences and physical and mental health of Syrian refugees and the staffers who assist them in Jordan (Middle East). Couples’ intimacy, marital satisfaction and the intimate relationships of traumatized populations are another area of interest. Her most recent project delves into secondary traumatic stress, intimacy, posttraumatic growth and coping mechanisms among staffers who assist refugees and war traumatized populations across Europe, the Middle East, African and Asia.  

Curriculum Vitae

Phone: 510-230-6422


Research / Expertise

  • Violence and Victimization
  • Women
  • Sexual Violence
  • PTSD, Complex PTSD (C-PTSD)
  • Syrian Refugees and Mental Health
  • Traumatized Populations, Victims of Torture 
  • Secondary Traumatic Stress, Vicarious Traumatization
  • Posttraumatic Growth
  • Couples’ Intimacy and Marital Satisfaction 

Honors / Awards

Feminist Review Trust: Training Jordanian professionals on sexual violence of Syrian refugees

Expanded Publications

Rizkalla, N. & Segal, S. P. (2017). Wellbeing and posttraumatic growth among Syrian refugees in Jordan. Journal of Traumatic Stress (accepted). 

Rizkalla, N. & Rahav, G. (2017). Different but mainly similar: Differentiation of the self, couples’ intimacy, individualism-collectivism and marital adjustment among Palestinian and Jewish married couples in Israel. Hevra Orivaha [Hebrew] (in press).

Rizkalla, N. (2017). Cycles of Voiceless Silence. In E. Hertzog & E. Shadmi (Eds.), Blood Money: Prostitution, Trafficking in Women and Pornography in Israel (in press).

Rizkalla, N., Zeevi-Barkai, M., & Segal, S. P. (2017). Rape crisis counseling: Trauma contagion and supervision. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 1-24. DOI: 10.1177/0886260517736877

Rizkalla, N. & Rahav, G. (2016). Differentiation of the self, couples’ intimacy and  marital satisfaction: A similar model for Palestinian and Jewish married couples in Israel. International Journal of the Jurisprudence of the Family, 7, 1-32.