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Veteran Students Honored for Service

Two Berkeley Social Welfare students, Patrice Wilson (BA '19) and Brian Vargas (MSW ’19, BA ’16) were honored during Veteran Week for their service.

In University of California’s recent article on student veterans, "A life of service beyond the battlefield,” Vargas shares his experiences as co-founder of the Warrior Code, a project formed to prevent combat veteran suicides. As the article details, "he also created the Warrior Box, an ammo box that veterans create, filled with tangible reminders of all the things they have to live for: pictures of loved ones, letters, medals — and most importantly — a signed contract in which they promise to do themselves no harm."

Read "A life of service beyond the battlefield" here.

Learn more about the Warrior Code here.

Wilson was a featured speaker at UC Berkeley’s salute to Cal Veterans at Memorial Stadium last Thursday in celebration of Veteran’s day. In Berkeley New’s profile article, "Speaking for Berkeley veterans, now is Patrice Wilson’s time," Wilson shares her powerful perspective. "Joining the military not just gave me a little bit of discipline, because I already had some discipline, but it gave me a sense of belonging and it gave me a family that I never would have had had I not joined the military.”

Read "Speaking for Berkeley veterans, now is Patrice Wilson’s time" here.