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MSW Students Aim to Influence Policymaking with Opinion Pieces

Jenna Carlsson, Carolyn Goossen, Rose Ellen Epstein, Anne Lowe and Lisa White publish articles drafted in Professor Berrick's Policy Practice course

Every year as part of Professor Jill Duerr Berrick’s [Faculty and Staff/Faculty/Jill Duerr Berrick] Policy Practice course, students perfect the skill of crafting op-ed pieces for publication, writing on current – and oftentimes controversial –  topics that they feel strongly about. “It’s a strategy for engaging in policymaking and public-opinion shaping,” notes Professor Berrick.

The students have had great success in publishing their articles in local newspapers and blogs, and this year’s cohort is no exception. Jenna Carlsson's piece calling for "pathways" to legal permanent residency for longtime, undocumented immigrants; Carolyn Goossen’s write-up in favor of free public transportation for youth in San Francisco; Rose Ellen Epstein’s commentary on the victimization of transgender individuals; Anne Lowe's advocation to remember sacred burial ground; and Lisa White’s op-ed supporting legislation to crack down on sex trafficking and exploitation all recently appeared in print. Click the links below to read each of the students’ op-ed pieces.

Read Jenna Carlsson's “My Word: Undocumented Immigrants Should be Person of the Year,"  published in the Oakland Tribune.

Read Carolyn Goossen’s “Supervisor Scott Wiener Must Back Free Muni,”  published in the San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate.

Read Rose Ellen Epstein’s “Remembering Transgender People Who Have Been Victimized,”  published in the Oakland Tribune.

Read Anne Lowe's "Should Not be Shopping on Sacred Ground,"  published in the Oakland Tribune.

Read Lisa White’s “Prop 35 – Californians Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE),”  posted on the Goldman School of Public Policy’s PolicyMatters Blog.

Photo: PolicyMatters