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Grand Challenges Panel Explores Poverty and Women's Rights in Developing Nations

Panelists discuss issues of patriarchy, micro-lending in developing nations

On February 28th, the School of Social Welfare held the third installment — and the first of the spring semester— of the "Grand Challenges in Social Work" panel presentation series.

Entitled "Poverty and the Empowerment of Women: Lessons from Developing Countries for the US." and moderated by Professor Michael Austin, the event featured an international group of panelists who spoke on issues ranging from the role of NGOs in Bangladesh to the challenges faced by women in India because of patriarchic structures to the policies and perceived effectiveness of micro-lending.

The presenters included London School of Economics and Social Policy Professor David Lewis, Berkeley Social Welfare Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr. Lalima Srivastava and Berkeley School of Social Welfare Mack Center Doctoral Fellow Sirojudin Sirojudin.

Initiated by Dean Jeffrey Edleson in the School as part of a national effort being led by the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare, the Grand Challenges series aims to facilitate a dialogue among social welfare scholars in identifying the pressing issues facing the social work profession and the larger community in the coming decade and beyond. The determination of these challenges will help schools of social work throughout the country in shaping curriculum and scholarship to meet the emerging demands of the field.

Watch highlights from “Grand Challenges in Social Work: Poverty and the Empowerment of Women — Lessons from Developing Countries for the US.”