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Faculty Emerita Honored for Pioneering Role

Photo: Courtesy of Bancroft Library

Berkeley Social Welfare Professor Emerita Jewelle Taylor Gibbs, along with several other retired faculty members and senior administrators from throughout the UC Berkeley campus, were honored in the spring for their participation in the African American Faculty and Senior Staff Oral History Project. The project is being featured at the Bancroft Library through September.

Dr. Gibbs notes that the honor bestowed to her and her colleagues is for their campus designation as members of “‘The Originals’ – pioneer African Americans at Cal before the era of affirmative action.”

Established by former Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Russ Ellis and former Regional Oral History Office Director Richard Candida Smith, the project began in 2002, when ROHO staffers first started interviewing African American faculty who joined UC Berkeley before the 1980s. As part of the Office’s commitment to “documenting the history of the University of California,” the interviews explore the experiences of African American faculty and administrators, touching on the historic overview of affirmative action, diversity and access at UC Berkeley as well as the roles of social movements, including the Civil Rights Movement, Black Power and Third World Marxism, in shaping the curricula and culture of the campus.

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