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Editorial on Abducted Children Cites Dean Jeffrey Edleson's Research

New York Times op-ed highlights unintended reunifications of fleeing children with abusive parents

In The New York Times’ editorial, “Home Is Where the Harm Is,” author Joan S. Meier draws attention to what she describes as the “dark side” of The Hague Convention’s Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, which requires that children abducted by a parent be returned to their home countries -- the unintended reunification of a child with an abusive parent.

“Many abductions are actually flights to safety, necessitated by the home countries’ failure to protect victims from domestic violence and child abuse,” notes Meier in the provocative op-ed. “In these cases, rather than returning children to loving and safe parents, the convention actually reunifies children and mothers with their abusers.”

In the piece, Meier cites Dean Jeffrey Edleson’s research, particularly his findings that in many cases, courts will return reported victims back to their home countries rather than deal with the complications of allegations of abuse.

Click here to read the New York Times op-ed, "Home Is Where the Harm Is."