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Dr. Shapiro Receives Stuart Foundation Grant

Implementation Research to Take Social Emotional Learning to Scale in Schools

Berkeley Social Welfare, UC Berkeley | April 2, 2015

Berkeley – Berkeley Social Welfare Assistant Professor and Center for Prevention Research in Social Welfare Co-Director Valerie Shapiro has received a Stuart Foundation grant to study the implementation of social-emotional learning strategies in Bay Area schools.

This research project, in collaboration with Dovetail Learning, Berkeley Unified School District, San Lorenzo Unified School District and the Devereux Center for Resilient Children, will collect information from various sites to understand the naturally occurring variation that exists in implementation activities and outputs. This project will also explore the relationship between program implementation and outcomes, generating recommendations for the routine implementation of social-emotional learning programs.

This research will support the adoption and high-quality implementation of effective social-emotional learning programs in schools, promoting the social and emotional wellbeing of children. 

"While research efforts are typically devoted to creating and evaluating interventions, it is rare that research dollars are devoted to specifying and studying how to implement interventions effectively; knowledge that can actually help professionals use and apply interventions responsibly and reliably," says Dr. Shapiro, study principal investigator. "Thankfully, the Stuart Foundation has been very supportive of doing research to achieve system-level impacts."

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Contact: Dr. Valerie Shapiro, study principal investigator

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