Academic Performance

Standards for Academic Performance

  1. To be considered in good academic standing, Berkeley Social Welfare graduate students must:
    1. Maintain a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.0.
    2. Maintain a passing grade in field placement.
    3. Have no more than two Incomplete [I] grades on their academic record.
    4. Have not received warning letters from the department or been placed on formal probation for academic or clinical deficiencies.

  2. Grades for work of Berkeley graduate students are issued and reported in accordance with Berkeley Division Regulation A201:
    1. Units for grades below C- may not be counted toward degree requirements.
    2. Graduate students in good academic standing may receive credit for courses graded Satisfactory [S] to a limit of one-third of the total units undertaken and passed on the Berkeley Campus. Field seminar (SOC WEL 290A/B & 292A/B), field practicum (SOC WEL 401, 410, and 412), and courses that do not offer a letter-graded grading option do not count toward the one-third unit limit.
    3. A Satisfactory grade implies work of B minus quality or better.

  3. Units from a course graded Unsatisfactory [U] may not be counted toward fulfillment of students’ degree programs. Failure to achieve a Satisfactory [S] grade in field placement will lead to dismissal from the MSW Program.

  4. No social work course or field credit towards the MSW degree is granted for life experience or previous work experience.

  5. If a student’s academic performance is determined to be below standard, the School may 1) send the student a warning letter, with a copy to the Graduate Division, apprising the student of his or her insufficient academic progress; or 2) write to the Graduate Division requesting to place the student on formal probation, with the consequence that the student is ineligible to receive a fellowship or hold an academic appointment.