4.4 Independent Study

Individual Independent Study (SOC WEL 296) is designed to permit qualified graduate students to pursue special study in a subject area of their choosing under the direction of a faculty member. Students decide on the area of study and then obtain the consent of a faculty supervisor.

Please note that Independent study units do not contribute to the 54 units required for the MSW degree, nor may they substitute for any required course in the generalist or specialist practice curricula.

Independent Study forms are due to the Social Welfare MSW GSAO by the Friday of the 3rd week of instruction. Late additions are not allowed.

How to Arrange an Independent Study Course

  1. Discuss your proposal, negotiate topics, assignments, the number of units to be earned, grading option, and number of hours per week you expect to be working with your faculty supervisor.
  2. Submit the Independent Study/Independent Research Proposal form.
  3. Contact the Social Welfare MSW GSAO for enrollment instructions.