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Mack Center on Mental Health & Social Conflict: Mission and Objectives

Mission & Objectives

The mission of the Mack Center on Mental Health & Social Conflict is to advance the study of the intersection of mental health and social conflict and contribute to mental health promotion in populations and communities affected by violent social conflict. In quest of this, the Center aims to achieve the following objectives: 

- Develop rigorous knowledge on mental health epidemiology, mental health sequelae of social conflict in an ecological framework, and on the effectiveness of mental health and psychosocial interventions in conflict-related settings.

- Promote multilateral and multidisciplinary partnerships for collaborative projects in mental health promotion.

- Enhance capacity of providers of mental health care and psychosocial interventions for conflict-affected populations in local, national and international settings.

- Build a global learning community to enhance research activity and capability of local partners in conflict-affected communities, including low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

- Foster evidence-based policy recommendations and culturally responsive practice guidelines that are informed by community-based empirical research.


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