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Mack Center on Mental Health & Social Conflict: International Advisory Board

International Advisory Board

Uri Aviram, DSW
Psychosocial Rehabilitation, mental health and social policy.
CV, Bio

James Campbell BA (Hons), CQSW/DipSW, PhD
Social work and social conflict

Roberto Mezzina, MD
Community Mental Health, Psychiatria Democratica
Dipartimento di Salute Mentale Trieste

David N’Detai, MD, PhD, FRCPsy
Mental health, East Africa
Africa Mental Health FoundationUniversity of Nairobi 

Alan Rosen, MD
Community Mental Health, Psychiatry 
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About the Picture: Security is heightened in Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya after a spate of bombings, kidnappings, and crimes around the camp. The picture was taken nearby a security checkpoint that controls traffics from and to the Dadaab main office compounds in July 2011.


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