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For School of Social Welfare administrative operations information and support, please visit Business Forms, Policies and Processes.

Academic Senate policies and resources in response to COVID-19


CalCentral is Berkeley's online student information systems (SIS) portal for students, faculty and staff. Instructors use CalCentral to review class information, manage rosters, support enrollments, and submit final grading.


bCourses is Berkeley's official campus Learning Management System (LMS), using the open-source Canvas platform. bCourses is integrated with the CalCentral student information system. Anyone who is the instructor of record for a UC Berkeley class can use bCourses to deliver their course materials and graded activities. Your course site can be customized to fit your needs.

Instructional Support

Faculty and Instructional Support

Contact the front desk for:

  • Audio/Visual Equipment for departmental classrooms in Haviland Hall
  • Classroom support (furniture, supplies, etc.)
  • Exam supplies, copying, scoring
  • Syllabi copies

Technology for Teaching and Learning

Contact Andy Peterson for:

  • bCourses help
  • Instructional design
  • Pedagogical training
  • Accessibility requirements

Campus Support for Teaching

Academic Advising and Addtional Support

Academic Advising and Advisor Contacts

Academic Advising

Academic ProgramAdvisor Name and Email Link
BASW Majors Cassandra Castillo
MSW & FlexMSW Students
MSW/MPH & MSW/MPP Students Adriana Llaurado
PhD & MSW/PhD students Adriana Llaurado

Enrollment Management

Academic ProgramEnrollment Manager and Email Link
General Course Scheduling & Enrollment Questions Dezalyn De Vera
Undergraduate Courses & Students Cassandra Castillo
MSW Courses & Students
PhD Courses & Students Adriana Llaurado

Graduate Admissions and New Admits

Academic ProgramAdvisor Name and Email Link
Applicants & Prospective Applicants (All)
New Admits – MSW
New Admits – PhD Adriana Llaurado

Graduate Student Funding

Academic ProgramAdvisor Name and Email Link
MSW Students
PhD, MSW/PhD, & MSW Concurrent Degree Students Adriana Llaurado

Academic Calendar and Class Schedule

Academic Calendar

Berkeley is on a 15-week semester; the Reading/Review/Recitation (RRR) Week counts as the 15th week.

View, Download or Print Academic Calendar

Academic Accommodations

Class Schedule

Our Department Scheduler is Dezalyn De Vera. Please contact Dezalyn with any questions about class scheduling or room assignments.

Auditing Classes and Concurent Enrollment

Auditing Classes

Effective January 2020 the campus has instituted a new policy for auditing classes:

  1. Enrolled students, visiting research scholars, emerita/us faculty, staff members, and post-doctoral scholars on the Berkeley campus are free to audit classes subject to the approval of the instructor.
  2. Members of the public may audit classes only through concurrent enrollment with the new no-credit option that will be administered by UC Extension. Like for-credit enrollment, no-credit enrollment in a course is dependent on seats available and is at the discretion of the instructor. It also requires the approval of the department chair.
  3. For students enrolled in the no-credit option, course grades and a UC Berkeley transcript will not be issued. These enrollees are expected to be “silent auditors,” though they may take part in discussions with the permission of the instructor. They may take exams and write papers, but their work will not be graded. Students who enroll for no credit will receive a marker of "NC" on their official UC Berkeley Extension transcript.

Concurrent Enrollment

UC Berkeley Extension's Concurrent Enrollment program provides an opportunity to enroll in UC Berkeley campus courses on a space-available basis without formal admission to the University. Concurrent Enrollment is available only for spring and fall terms.

UC Berkeley degree students have enrollment priority in all courses, and not all UC Berkeley courses are open for Concurrent Enrollment. Approval of class applications is at the sole discretion of the campus academic departments.

Canceled Classes and Short Term Leave

Senate faculty, field consultants, and lecturers who cancel a class due to illness, instructional changes, or research travel must report this absence to the Dean's Office, even if a substitute instructor has already been identified. To report a class cancellation, please complete the Canceled Classes and Short Term Leave Reporting Form linked below.

Senate faculty who are traveling for research or other business-related reasons are expected to submit this form 7 days in advance of their travel.

Canceled Classes and Short Term Leave Reporting Form

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are now conducted entirely online through the campus Course Evaluations service, managed by Digital Learning Services.

When the evaluation period opens each semester:

  • all faculty will receive automated instructions for customizing course evaluations each term
  • all students enrolled in your class(es) will automatically receive invitations from Course Evaluations to complete the online evaluation.

For more information or to request assistance, please see Course Evaluations - Resources for Instructors

Grades and Grading

Submitting Grades

All grades and grading actions are submitted through your CalCentral My Academics tab. This includes clearing Incomplete grades, grade changes or corrections:

Grading Deadlines

Per Academic Senate policy grades are always due 5 days after the last day of the semester each term.

Help with Grading Policies, Procedures or Technical Issues


How to Order Textbooks

Submit your textbook orders online using the Berkeley Faculty Portal.
To ensure a record of your adoption, we recommend you also email your requests to

Desk Copies

If you also need to order a desk copy, please submit your request to at the same time you place your textbook order. Desk copy requests must be submitted on or before the deadlines listed below.

Deadlines for Textbook Adoption and Desk Copy Requests

SemesterSubmission Deadline
Fall Previous April 15
Spring Previous October 15
Summer Previous March 15