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The Sasha Ikenberg Fellowship

About the Sasha Ikenberg Fellowship

The Sasha Ikenberg Fellowship was established by Daniel Ikenberg in honor of his daughter Sasha. This fellowship is also supported by the Berkeley Graduate Division’s Graduate Fellowship Matching Program. The Sasha Ikenberg Fellowship supports MSW students studying in the Children and Families specialization. The annual award amount is currently $5,000.

Sasha Ikenberg attended UC Berkeley, where she graduated with honors with a BS in psychology in 1994, and received her MSW degree in 2000. She was employed as a Clinical Social Worker by Seneca Center in San Leandro.

Ikenberg Fellows

Livia Houston
Liana Huang
Ayesha Abdut-Tawwaab
Shayna Asher-Schapiro

Micaela Fein

Christine Velez
Yvonne Yang

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