Hutto Gordon International Fellowship

The Catherine Hutto Gordon International Program Fellowship Fund was established in 2013 by Catherine Hutto Gordon, alumna and longtime friend of the School of Social Welfare. The fund supports fellowships for students who are participating in an international experience that may include a travel abroad course, international internship, or field placement in an international setting. 

Catherine Hutto Gordon participated in international field work during her philanthropic and social work careers, where she found those programs to be extremely rewarding. Catherine received her BA in Social Welfare from Berkeley in 1973, and earned her MSW from the University of Southern California School of Social Work in 1997.

Catherine Hutto Gordon retired as a social worker who specialized in infant mental health and child and family psychotherapy. She has served as chair of the School of Social Welfare's Dean's Advisory Board, and as a UC Berkeley Foundation Trustee where she was awarded the UC Berkeley Foundation Trustee Citation in 2003. Her additional campus affiliations include the Benjamin Ide Wheeler Society and the School of Education Dean's Advisory Board. Catherine Hutto Gordon is Trustee and President of the Hutto Patterson Charitable Foundation.