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Peter Manoleas

Fieldwork Consultant and Lecturer Emeritus

Peter Manoleas is fieldwork consultant and lecturer emeritus at the School of Social Welfare. He is an expert on the topics of community behavioral health and disparity reduction strategies.


  • Community Behavioral Health
  • Disparity Reduction Strategies

Expanded Publications

Horevitz, E. and Manoleas, P. (Under Review) Training Needs of Professional Social Workers in Integrated Behavioral Health Settings.

Manoleas, P. (2008) Integrated Primary Care and Behavioral Health Services for Latinos: A Blueprint and Research Agenda. Social Work in Healthcare, 47(04), 1-16.


Manoleas, P. (2004) The Fieldwork Practicum as the Focal Point for Training Diversity Competent M.S.W.s. Chapter 19, In: Gutierrez, L., Zuniga, M., and Lum, D. eds., Education for Multicultural Practice in Social Work. Council On Social Work Education Press.


Manoleas, P., & Garcia, B. (2003) Clinical algorithms as tools for psychotherapy with Latino Clients. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry. 73(2), 154-166.