Entertainment Guidelines

Policies for Entertainment Reimbursements

  • Keep your itemized receipt. Credit card receipts are not reimbursable without additional paperwork.
  • Only University faculty and staff may be reimbursed for entertainment expenses.
  • If paying a vendor directly with a PO, Cal Catering or an Event Planner Card, an Entertainment PO form must be completed and signed by your Fund Manager before the order is made.
  • Meals between individual colleagues must be for the purpose of conducting substantial and bona fide University business that could not be accomplished during working hours. A copy of the employees' schedules verifying unavailability must be included as back-up for reimbursement.
  • Entertainment expenses that are lavish or extravagant are not reimbursable.
  • Meals and light refreshments, within standard meal limits, are allowed for employee morale-building. No exceptions.
  • Reimbursements will only be paid up to the allowable campus per person meal expense limit: 
    • Breakfast $27
    • Lunch $47
    • Dinner $81
    • Light Refreshments $19

      Note: Limit amounts above include cost of food, labor, sales tax, delivery charges, and other service fees. They do not include facility rental, equipment rental, decorations, and other items, which may be reimbursed as additional expenses.

Submitting Reimbursement Requests