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Center for Prevention Research in Social Welfare: Sarah Accomazzo

Post-Doctoral Scholars

Sarah Accomazzo

Sarah Accomazzo
Post-Doctoral Scholar, University of California Berkeley

Sarah Accomazzo studies mental health care (youth, families, adults) in public health systems, with a particular focus on improving service delivery for urban, diverse populations who are involved in multiple systems and face multiple life stressors. Also, Sarah is interested in the effects of using strengths and strengths-based practice in therapeutic and system interventions with individuals with severe mental health issues and/or exposure to traumatic experiences.

Sarah studies:

  1. Individual, family, and community protective factors that may predict positive intervention outcomes (e.g. reduction in psychiatric symptons or risk behaviors, increase in individual coping skills, family support, or community engagement) for clients with severe mental health issues in public systems.
  2. Measurement, assessment, and effectiveness of multi-level strengths and strengths-based practice in public health systems.