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Center for Prevention Research in Social Welfare: Mimi Kim

Graduate Students

Mimi Kim

Mimi Kim
Assistant Professor, CSU Long Beach

Mimi Kim is a long-time practitioner and engaged researcher in the areas of domestic violence and sexual assault intervention and prevention with a focus on Asian immigrant and refugee communities.

Her prevention research investigates:

  1. Community engagement and organizing strategies to prevent domestic and sexual violence.
  2. Models, concepts and skills that promote social network member roles and effectiveness as first responders to violence.
  3. The linkages between prevention and intervention in practice, research and policy.
  4. Evidence building to enhance culturally competent prevention strategies.
  5. Intersectional dynamics based upon categories of race, gender, class, sexuality, immigration status, ability/disability, religion, age as it relates to exposure to violence, competent prevention practices and underlying structural conditions.

Her populations of interest include:

  1. Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.
  2. Marginalized and underserved communities including communities of color, poor, immigrant and LGBTQ communities.