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Center for Prevention Research in Social Welfare: B.K. Elizabeth Kim

Post-Doctoral Scholars

B.K. Elizabeth Kim

B.K. Elizabeth Kim, PhD
Post-Doctoral Scholar, University of California Berkeley

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Bo Kyung Elizabeth Kim is a postdoctoral scholar in the School of Social Welfare at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Kim's research focuses on examining community-based prevention and intervention strategies that promote social, emotional, and behavioral health across youth development. The goal of her program of research and teaching is to build and translate evidence that has direct implications for strengths-based social work practice with youth, as an alternative way to address youth delinquency and violence.

Dr. Kim is currently working with Dr. Valerie Shapiro to examine the effects of the district-wide implementation of school-based prevention curricula on the growth of protective factors among racially and ethnically diverse students.