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Communications+Marketing Toolkit

At Berkeley Social Welfare, we benefit from both the strong reputation of the School as well as the prominence of UC Berkeley. To preserve the integrity and impact of our “brand name,” it is critical that we establish a cohesive identity in the many communication vehicles we use to share infomation with our constituents. 

By incorporating a design strategy that reinforces a consistent look and feel and emphasizes our connection to the Berkeley campus, we ensure that our brand remains professional, memorable and impactful. Therefore, every touch point — from one-page informational handouts to brochures to all of our affiliated websites — should adhere to the high standards that have made our brand strong. 

The guidelines below have been specifically created to provide the graphic tools necessary to visually preserve and grow the value and integrity of the Berkeley Social Welfare brand.

Berkeley Social Welfare identity guidelines

Additional UC Berkeley brand identity resources


Powerpoint templates