Chow and Lee Memorial Fellowship

The Chow Ngor Peui and Lee Kwai Fong Memorial Fellowship was established in 2013 with a gift from Chau Yip Po Ying, Chow Chun Shing, Chow Lai Wah, Chau Mun Wah Stella, and Chow Chun Chung to honor their parents.

Mr. Chow Ngor Peui (1922-2009) and Ms. Lee Kwai Fong (1922-2013) had been married over 70 years. They were born and grew up experiencing many hardships during World War II and the Civil War in China. Even though they did not receive a formal education during their lifetimes, they held continued learning in high regard. Living in poverty in their own upbringing and throughout most of their adult life, they strongly believed education can improve one’s mind and life. Also, they instilled in their children this adage: to be successful is not about how much money you earn – it is how you care about others that counts. Their entire life is a true testament to their enduring generosity, selflessness, and the power of love.

The Chow and Lee Memorial Fellowship supports graduate students in the School of Social Welfare who demonstrate high academic distinction.