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Center for Prevention Research in Social Welfare: Traci Wike

Faculty Affiliates

Dr. Traci Wike

Traci Wike, PhD
Assistant Professor of Social Work, Virginia Commonwealth University

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Traci Wike, PhD, MSW, is an assistant professor in the School of Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. Wike’s research focuses on developing interventions to improve outcomes for children and youth at risk for aggression and peer victimization in the school context. She has a specific interest in examining how children’s experiences with peers influence their behaviors in social interactions, especially as they pertain to bullying and bullying victimization. Her work includes evaluating the classroom curriculum component of the Competence Support Program, a school-based, social skills intervention for elementary-aged children that is part of the larger Social and Character Development Evaluation. She is currently conducting research examining the unique role of protective factors in influencing the patterns of bullying and victimization for children from grades 3 to 5. In addition, Dr. Wike has extensive training in advanced statistical methods and their application to research using data from school-based, longitudinal studies.