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Academic Questions and Faculty Resources

Academic Calendar and Course Schedule

How do I access the academic calendar?
View, download, or print from the Registrar’s Academic Calendar page.
See also: Instructions for Adding the Academic Calendar to bCal

Berkeley is on a 15-week semester; the Reading/Review/Recitation (RRR) week counts as the 15th week. Review campus policies regarding the academic calendar, accommodations, RRR week and exams on the Academic Calendar FAQ page.

How do I access/get a copy of the current course schedule?
See the searchable Berkeley Class Schedule online at
Quick Guide to Searching the Online Class Schedule [pdf]

Who do I contact about scheduling my academic class?
Contact our Departmental Scheduler, Cassandra Castillo, for any questions about or requests for academic course scheduling.

Class Roster

How do I access/get a copy of my class roster?
Option 1: View/download/print from your bCourses class site.
Option 2: View/export from your CalCentral My Academics tab. See the CalCentral Quick Guide for Instructors.


bCourses is Berkeley's official campus Learning Management System (LMS), using the open-source Canvas platform. bCourses is integrated with the CalCentral student information system. Anyone who is the instructor of record for a UC Berkeley class can use bCourses to deliver their course materials and graded activities. Your course site can be customized to fit your needs. For instructions please see bCourses - Instructors Getting Started.

For assistance with bCourses in the School of Social Welfare, please contact Instructional Technologist Andy Peterson.


How do I order textbooks?
Submit online using the Berkeley Faculty Portal.
To ensure a record of your adoption, we recommend you also email your requests to

If you also need to order a desk copy, please submit your request to at the same time you place your textbook order. Desk copy requests must be submitted on or before the deadlines listed below.

Deadlines for submitting textbook adoptions:
For FALL Semester: The previous APRIL 15
For SPRING Semester: The previous OCTOBER 15
For SUMMER Sessions: MARCH 15

For more information also see Textbook Affordability & Accessibility.

How do I place materials on library reserve?
For instructions and forms please visit Place Materials on Course Reserve.


How do I submit grades?
All grades are submitted through your CalCentral My Academics tab. This includes ALL grading actions, including clearing Incomplete grades, or grade changes or corrections.
CalCentral Quick Guide to Semester Grading
Grading Information for Faculty (Registrar's Office)

When are grades due?
Per Academic Senate policy grades are always due 5 days after the last day of the semester.
For further information about grading deadlines, including semester-specific deadlines each term, please see the Registrar's Office Deadlines for Submitting Final Grades.

Help with Grading Policies, Procedures or Technical Issues:

510.642.5042 (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm)

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are now conducted entirely online through the campus Course Evaluations service, managed by Educational Technology Services (ETS). All faculty will receive automated instructions for customizing course evaluations each semester. When the evaluation period opens, all students enrolled in your class(es) will automatically receive invitations from Course Evaluations to complete the online evaluation.

For more information or to request assistance, please see Course Evaluations - Resources for Instructors.


Social Welfare Undergraduate Major Advisor:
Julie Pratt has drop-in hours on Mondays and Wednesdays 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
To request appointments outside of these hours, please e-mail
Additional Undergraduate Advising Resources

Current MSW and PhD in Social Welfare Student Affairs Officer:
Make an appointment with the Graduate Student Affairs Officer (GSAO), Joshua Dullaghan, by e-mailing him at

Graduate Admissions Advisor:
Sara McCarthy is available for in-person and phone advising of prospective applicants to our graduate programs; please email
For the schedule of recruiting events please see Admissions Advising and Recruiting Events.

Forms and Related Policies and Procedures

Finance Questions and Fund Management

Our most often asked questions are about fund management and the correct way to go about purchasing something.

  • What Chartstring should I use? Ask your fund manager!
  • How much money am I projected to have? Ask your fund manager!
  • Who is my fund manager/research administrator (RA)? School of Social Welfare PI: RA Communication Contacts
  • I'm writing a grant, who assists with Pre-Award work? Please complete a brief web form and our Research Administration team will get back to you with an outline of all of the administrative and budgetary requirements to help get your proposal assembled and cleared for campus endorsement.

Primary CSS Business and Financial Services (CSS BnFS) Contacts:

Subject Area Name Phone Email


Elaina Fernandez-Hutchinson



Julia Lai


CSS also offers on-campus satellite offices to assist with preparing entertainment reimbursements and answer questions.

Research Support

We have joined CSS Research Administration (CSS RA) services. Your assigned Research Analyst (who is also your fund manager for all of your designated funds) should be your point person for all things post-award. For pre-award assistance, please complete a brief web form and our Research Administration team will get back to you with an outline of all of the administrative and budgetary requirements to help get your proposal assembled and cleared for campus endorsement.


The most frequently asked questions about IT are about desktop support, software, and provisioning.

Videoconference Tools - Zoom and Hangouts Meet

Click here for information regarding the videoconference tool Zoom.

Instructional Support

Lorretta Morales provides the Instructional support for our School. You can contact her for the following:

  • Audio/Visual Equipment for Social Welfare Rooms
  • Exam supplies, Copying, Scoring
  • Course Evaluations
  • Syllabi copies
  • Classroom Support (furniture, supplies, etc.)

Andy Peterson supports Technology for Teaching and Learning. You can contact him for support with the following:

  • bCourses
  • Instructional design 
  • Pedagogical training 
  • Accessibility requirements

For questions about course enrollment please consult:

Human Resources

Since our move to CSS there is now a separation of who to go to for HR Questions. As a rule of thumb, you should go to:

  • Kathy Leviege for any academic personnel issue (searches, performance management, onboarding, equity, retirement issues)
  • Lisa Fuller for any staff issue (searches, performance management, onboarding, equity, retirement issues)
  • Angel Cheng for Caltime and Student Hiring (GSRs, students, work study, appointment questions from students)
  • swdean for senate faculty issues (faculty recruitment, APM questions, sabbatical credits/forms, merit cases)
  • Email the CSS general contact team ( for benefits or payroll problems
  • New Employee Onboarding Checklist


Our events are separated in support by content area. Below are the contacts for the types of events. We aim to have all of our events listed on the Master Calendar. The following are the designated event planners by program area.

Please email your event request two months in advance. Before submitting a request, please visit the Master Calendar for a list of previously scheduled events to prevent double booking. Please also see our basic event planning resource.


Communication/External Relations

We have multiple lists for people to reach particular audiences with their messages. Some of the most commonly used lists are here. Please keep in mind that all of our lists are moderated and direct messages will be reviewed prior to posting. All lists are [at] If you have questions, please contact the list owner.

List Name

Who is on it?

Who owns it?


All Senate Faculty



All members of the DTS (All those whose combination of teaching + professional or administrative
appointments >= 50 percent over the course of at least two years)



All Field Consultants, Director of Field Education, and support staff



All Emeriti Faculty

Denise Schiller


All of the Dean's Office staff and the Region partners we work with closely



All Primary Investigators



All research staff



All staff at CalSWEC

Shifra Gaman


All current Postdoctoral Scholars



MSW students and Combined MSW/PhD students

Joshua Dullaghan


Doctoral students and Combined MSW/PhD students

Joshua Dullaghan


All graduate students

Joshua Dullaghan


All visiting scholars

Denise Schiller

Facilities and Space

Space in Haviland Hall can be reserved for faculty, staff, student, and organizational use through the School of Social Welfare. These facilities are generally available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Classroom space is only typically available during the summer.

For School of Social Welfare faculty, staff and PhD students, rooms in Haviland can now be requested directly from Google Calendar (bCal). You will receive an email notification when the room request is approved or denied. For more detailed instructions, please reference this document.

For non-PhD student and organizational room reservations or anyone requesting Haviland Commons, space can be reserved by completing the Reservation Request form.

Please note that there are facilities and room rental fees for all groups and department-organized events that are not affiliated with the School of Social Welfare.

Please contact the Front Desk if you have any questions.