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Quick Help Reference Guide for Faculty & Staff

For academic questions and instructional support, please visit Instructor Information and Resources.

Berkeley Regional Services

The School of Social Welfare is served by the Berkeley Regional Services Professional Schools (ProS) Region. For a current list of service and support contacts, and links to more resources in each service area supported by Pros, please visit:

Finance and Purchasing

Pros Region Purchasing and Reimbursements

Honoraria, Gifts & Awards


Purchasing goods

Purchasing services

For assistance with purchasing or reimbursements, please contact the Social Welfare Front Desk.


For assistance with purchasing or reimbursements, please contact the Social Welfare Front Desk.

Research Administration

ProS Region Research Administration

Human Resources and Hiring

ProS Region HR and Academic Personnel Support

Academic Personnel (Faculty & Instructors)

Student Hiring

  • Graduate Student Researcher Hire Request Smartsheet Form
    • Note: If you do not know the position number, enter 99999999 to submit the form and staff will update as appropriate.
    • Berkeley Social Welfare places GSRs according to the following guidelines, based on the student's enrolled program at the time of appointment:
      • MSW Students: GSR, Step III
      • PhD, Pre-candidacy: GSR, Step VI
      • PhD, Advanced to Candidacy: GSR, Step VII
    • The current GSR salary scale is Table 22, which is housed on the UCOP Compensation site
  • Student Assistant Hire Request Smartsheet Form 
    • Note: If you do not know the position number, enter 99999999 to submit the form and staff will update as appropriate.
  • Student Leave Tracking


Workstations & Ergonomics

At this time, the School of Social Welfare provides one workstation per full-time employee in Haviland Hall.  Workstations for instructional program related employees are outfitted with a campus-approved sit-stand desk (coming soon if you do not have one already), adjustable chair, monitor, PC or laptop and docking station, keyboard, and mouse. 

If the provided equipment does not meet your ergonomic needs, you can utilize the Computer Ergonomics Matching Funds Program. To qualify:

  1. Complete the required Computer Health Matters training 

  2. Contact Lorretta Morales for a workstation evaluation

Please note that ergonomics matching grant funds can only be used once per person at any given department. You can still arrange for an ergo assessment of your current workstation if you have used the funds before, although you will not be able to use the funds again.

If you have an urgent/emergency need and need to make a purchase immediately, please email your supervisor and copy Dana Kowalski.  

Additional Ergonomics Resources

University Health Services provides information on best practices and tips for ergonomics for alternative workstations:  

Computing and Information Technology

Campus-wide information technology (IT) services and support are provided by the nine units that comprise Technology @ Berkeley.

Desktop Support

IT Client Services (IT CS) Contact

The recommended option for IT/computer support is to call the IT CS help desk. 
IT CS support can be reached at 510-664-9000, option 1 (this is 4-9000 from a campus line). IT CS phone support technicians are very helpful and can work with you by even accessing the machine you are working on directly (with your approval, of course). If they are not able to resolve the issue, they will create and forward the ticket to the appropriate group. This also helps speed up the process over the standard email-to-ticket-creation method.

Alternatively, you can submit a Service Now IT Request ticket. Average response time is 3 days.

Equipment & Software



Secure Data

For departmental assistance with Secure Data issues or concerns, please contact  If the support needed is estimated to require over 20 hours, please complete the project charter to the best of your ability and attach that in your email to

Videoconferencing Tools

Primary video conferencing options on campus include Google Hangouts Meet and Zoom. For detailed information please visit our Zoom Videoconferencing page.  If you need to upgrade your Zoom account, please contact

Telephones and Networking Issues

Please contact Emiko Moran,

Events, Facilities and Space

Please view the Events page for contact information and processes for planning an event or reserving space in Haviland Hall.