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Berkeley Social Science Resources

D-Lab: Social Science Data Laboratory
Intelligent research design for data intensive social science

PhD students learn about modern methods and statistics not only in the classroom, but also through UC Berkeley's D-Lab. D-Lab provides one-on-one consulting, personalized training, working groups and space for social science projects. Workshops on software programs, such as  R and NVivo; data collection tools, including web scraping; and new analytic techniques, such as data mining techniques, are offered on an ongoing basis. D-Lab promotes networking with social scientists across campus.

Research Data Management

UC Berkeley's Research Data Management program is a collaborative, campuswide initiative led jointly by Research IT and the Library to help researchers manage their research data. RDM offers a discipline-agnostic service that supports researchers as they find, generate, store, share and archive data.

Social Research Library

This newly remodeled library is located in Haviland Hall, home to Berkeley Social Welfare. The collection -- both print and digital -- focuses on research that addresses social and individual problems from a variety of disciplines including psychology, education, social welfare and public policy.

Social Science Matrix

The UC Berkeley Social Science Matrix provides an organizational framework that supports cross-disciplinary projects pursued by more than 500 social scientists across the Berkeley campus and beyond. The Matrix brings relevant scientists together to generate effective solutions to global challenges- including behavior change, social resilience and governance. The Matrix also provides faculty and PhD students with opportunities to network, submit grant proposals together and disseminate findings.


UC Berkeley's Experimental Social Science Laboratory is an on-campus lab for conducting computer-based experiments of interest to social scientists. X-Lab offers PhD students attractive laboratory facilities, development of infrastructure for mobile field experiments and administrative support.