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Aging Services

Direct Practice in Aging Services

Preparing for leadership in social work with older adults and their families

Berkeley Social Welfare’s MSW Aging Services concentration prepares students for leadership roles in one of the fastest growing and most fulfilling professions - gerontological social work – at one of the oldest and most distinguished gerontology programs in the country. Graduates assume exciting positions such as geriatric care managers, clinical social workers, long-term care specialists, senior center administrators, and aging advocates.

Berkeley’s innovative MSW curriculum combines academic courses with hands-on internships, linking research and practice in service to the community. Specialized training provides state-of-the-art knowledge and skills necessary to address the complex psychosocial issues of aging, including aging processes, health and mental health issues, the aging network, social policies affecting the elderly and their families and competence in providing effective social-work services to older adults and their families.

Typical Field Placements in Aging
Agencies serving older adults, including clinical settings, adult day health, adult protective services

Aging Concentration Co-Chairs
Andrew Scharlach, PhD
Susana Fong, MSW


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