Advanced Standing and Extended Program options designed especially for working professionals seeking the MSW degree.

PLEASE NOTE: Berkeley Social Welfare will not be accepting applications for Fall 2023 admission to either FlexMSW Program track.

FlexMSW Advanced Standing

The FlexMSW Advanced Standing degree program is available to qualified working professionals in the field of social work who have a professional baccalaureate degree in social work from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). FlexMSW Advanced Standing students complete a 27-unit program of study over a one year period.

FlexMSW Extended Program

The FlexMSW Extended Program option is a part-time degree program designed for otherwise qualified students who cannot attend a full-time professional degree program due to significant employment, family caregiving, or other obligations. FlexMSW Extended Program students complete the same 54-unit program of study as traditional full-time MSW students, only over a period of three part-time years (inclusive of two summer sessions), instead of two full-time years.

Admission to the FlexMSW Program

To be eligible for admission to either track of the FlexMSW degree program, prospective applicants must meet the same admissions eligibility requirements as for all other Berkeley Social Welfare master's degree programs. FlexMSW Advanced Standing applicants must have completed their BSW from a CSWE-accredited program within the past five years. There are no additional requirements for applying to the FlexMSW Extended Program.

All applicants to a Berkeley Social Welfare master's degree program, including either track of the FlexMSW option, follow the same MSW application timeline and admission process. Berkeley Social Welfare only admits for the fall semester each academic year; no spring or summer admissions are offered for any master’s degree program. For details please see MSW Admissions, and MSW Admissions Application Instructions.

Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

FlexMSW students pay a program fee of $1,850 per unit undertaken each semester (including Summer Sessions). The program fee, which includes tuition and the required Campus Fee and Document Management Fee,  is the same for both California residents and non-residents.

All FlexMSW students are also billed for health insurance coverage through the Berkeley Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) in order to meet the University of California's health insurance mandate. Because the FlexMSW is designed primarily for students who must maintain full-time employment while going to graduate school, FlexMSW students are encouraged to apply for a SHIP waiver if they are already insured.

FlexMSW students in either track are eligible for federal student aid, administered by the Berkeley Financial Aid and Scholarships Office (FASO). Graduate students interested using Federal Loans and/or Federal work-study to help fund their education must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For more information on applying for federal student loans for graduate study, please see FASO's Apply for Aid.