Purchasing Goods

Please check this new resource designed to help UCB staff select the best payment method for their purchases: the Purchasing and Payment Method Matrix

Requesting a Purchase with bluCard 

If you would like to request a purchase using the Departamental bluCard (this does not include food or travel), please fill out the Purchase Request Form and submit to Melissa Portal and attach other relevant documentation. Make sure the form is signed, has chartstring/funding source information and approval signature if required.

Purchasing Goods with BearBuy

Please follow the following protocol to initiate a purchase in BearBuy.

Goods in Catalogs

You may select many goods directly from the hosted and punch-out catalogs available on BearBuy. New catalogs will continue to be added.

  • Open the catalog, locate the item(s) and add to cart.
  • Click "View Cart Details."
  • Include a valid chart string under "Account Codes."
  • Write a clear business description in the "Comments" tab.
  • ASSIGN the cart to Melissa Portal.