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Student Funding

Tuition and Fees

Social Welfare BASW students are assessed Undergraduate Fees.
Social Welfare MSW students are assessed Graduate Professional Fees.
Social Welfare PHD students are assessed Graduate Academic Fees.

Undergradute Financial Aid

For information about and to apply for UC and Berkeley financial aid for undergraduate students, please visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

For additional scholarship opportunities, search the UC Berkeley Scholarship Connection.
For undergraduate research fellowship opportunities, explore the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships (OURS) Database.

Social Welfare BASW majors are also eligible for certain Annual Achievement Awards and Prizes.

Graduate Fellowships and Financial Aid 

Educational financing needs are diverse, and vary according to individual circumstance. Explore the resources in this section to help you understanding the variety of options and resources for financial assistance. You should be planning any needed financial assistance arrangements as far in advance of enrollment as possible.

Each year Berkeley Social Welfare directly awards or administers approximately two million dollars in support to graduate students. At Berkeley, 90% of all graduate students receive some form of financial support. In addition to a personal contribution to pay for graduate school, most graduate students receive some form of financial assistance through a combination of resources described below:

Achievement Awards and Prizes

These annual cash awards recognizing student achievement and distinction are presented each spring semester at the annual Haviland Scholars Day Awards and Recognition ceremony.

Conference Travel Awards

Support for graduate students presenting at conferences.

Departmentally Restricted Fellowships for Graduate Students

Departmental graduate fellowships are open to all Berkeley Social Welfare graduate students, subject to the terms of the donor(s). Most are awarded on the basis of both academic distinction and demonstrated financial need.

Doctoral Student Support

Information about and resources for doctoral student fuding.

Extramural Awards

Many Berkeley Social Welfare students have been successful at securing extramural funding through additional university, public, and privately-sponsored fellowships. Extramural awards are made from a variety of outside funding sources, including government agencies; professional and alumni organizations; private foundations; and corporations.

Graduate Division Fellowships and Awards

Graduate fellowship programs administered by UC Berkeley Graduate Division.

Stipend-based Training Programs for Masters Students

Stipend-based training programs, offered as current funding permits, provide support for eligible MSW students in certain fields of study. Some stipend programs are offered in exchange for a contractually obligated, post-graduation employment commitment for a specified time period. Click on any of the links to learn more about each program currently in effect, including stipend amounts, eligibility requirements, and more details on applying for each one:

Cal-Child Welfare Leadership Training Program
Mental Health Services Act Educational Stipend Program
Title IV-E Child Welare Training Progam

Student Employment

Student Loan Programs

Support for Student Parents