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Sin Fronteras

Social Workers Transcending Borders to Create Bridges

Video by Dawn Albert

To stay up-to-date on students' experiences through the program, please visit the Social Work sin Fronteras : Intercambio Oaxaca blog.

Berkeley Social Welfare students are reaching out to you today to request your support in helping 15 social welfare graduate students enrich their education through an amazing six-week international opportunity in Oaxaca, Mexico. Students in the program will spend their time refining Spanish language skills and working with local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). These experiences will help them gain a better understanding of local health and mental health practices while helping those organizations reach their goals.

Poverty has forced Oaxacans to leave their home state for the past 40 years. It is estimated that there are upwards of 300,000 Oaxacan migrants in California according to the Oaxacan Institute for Attention to Migrants. This international educational opportunity allows for social work students to gain necessary skills for better serving the Latino community in the United States.

While in Oaxaca, the students will:

  • Work with NGOs in an attempt to find effective interventions to the many national and local social, economic and political problems, such as forced migration

  • Learn from local community experts regarding indigenous practices, methods, beliefs and stories that relate to health and well-being so that the students can in turn use this knowledge to better serve the Latino community in California

  • Refine Spanish language skills by taking an intensive language course

  • Gain a transnational perspective that will shape our approach to providing services to Latino communities in the US

Your generous support will go directly towards covering room and board with Oaxacan families, tuition at the Becari Language School, and 15 percent will be donated to partner agencies.  

By supporting this year’s students you will be supporting the work done by the following agencies:  

Thank you for your time! We hope that you can help support this cause.