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Sytske Besemer

Post-Doctoral Scholar

SYTSKE BESEMER works at the interface of developmental psychology and criminology, with her research focused on processes of intergenerational transmission as well as the impact of criminal justice policies. She is currently working with Professor Jennifer Skeem on a study of self-perceptions of violence, investigating the accuracy of patients’ self predictions of violence risk with that of clinical judgment and two clinically feasible actuarial tools.

In addition to her postdoctoral research at Berkeley Social Welfare, Dr. Besemer is conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis of intergenerational transmission of crime. As part of this research, she investigates to what extent parental criminal behavior is associated with children’s later crime and to what extent these associations vary across different countries and societies and/or according to different national crime policies.

Moreover, Dr. Besemer explores associations between parental and children's outcomes moderated by the child's gender, maternal versus paternal crime, child age at parental criminal behavior and age at outcome measurement. She also investigates intergenerational transmission in Sweden, and, looking at the opposite relation, she investigates bidirectionality by examining how a son’s problem behavior influences maladaptive parenting.



  • Developmental Psychology and Criminology
  • Processes of Intergenerational Transmission
  • Criminal Justice Policies
  • Self-Perceptions of Violence

Expanded Publications

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